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Gentle Beings interview with Dr. Yasamin Olyaei

Updated: Feb 8

I met Dr. Yasamin Olyaei during a conference at Yale Council on Middle Eastern Studies. I was struck by her gentle energy, and the way she greeted others with both wisdom and grace. Yasamin has since completed her Masters at Yale, and has graduated medical school from California. An artist and an empath, Dr. Yasamin intends to continue her healing arts as a psychiatrist.

1. Describe your first encounter with Gentleness

2. What does Gentleness feel like?

3. If Gentleness were an image how would you paint this scene?

4. In what ways are you uniquely Gentle?

5. What is something you’d love to see the World do to be more Gentle?

All artwork and images by Dr. Yasamin Olyaei

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