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Gentle Beings interview with Cynthia Tedy

One of the happiest accidents ever to have happened to me, was stumbling upon a beautiful image of a young man reaching for a bouquet of flowers in a toilet. It seems silly, but this image saved my life, I'm sure of it. It spoke to me, and showed me that it is possible to find gentle-healing in the most unlikely of places. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders, this image became a talisman of Hope and Protection for me. I googled the artist, and discovered the brilliant Cynthia Tedy.

Cynthia is an esteemed artist and poet. Her artwork is subtle, nuanced, yet profound. She embodies gentleness, I think, and it is such an honor to share her interview with you all.

Please check out her stunning art and poetry at and also . Cynthia generously agreed to share with us her musings on gentleness, and what an honor it is to debut her as a Gentle Being.

1. Describe your first encounter with Gentleness.

Being let into a childhood friend’s room and quietly sharing stuff.

2. What does Gentleness feel like?


3. If Gentleness were an image how would you paint this scene?

Even if I heavily work with visuals, I feel sounds might work better in this regard; in particular, the low rumbling sound we hear when we close our ears tightly with our palms. It’s that feeling of low, steady undercurrent which we don’t normally pay attention to.

4. In what ways are you uniquely Gentle?

I think I have plenty of anger and bitterness inside. Perhaps it’s that my will to be gentlestems from a lack of it.

5. What is something you’d love to see the World do to be more Gentle?

To be more open about different ways of being, to welcome differences. I think a lot of the pain people feel is related to how society unwittingly perpetuates these narrow, often unrealistic definitions of what’s ideal. I often recall one of my favorite manga artists, Yuhki Kamatani’s words: “Even if we can’t understand each other, we can still coexist as we are.”

Artwork by Cynthia Tedy

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Tyler Riordan
Tyler Riordan
Aug 27, 2023

I first discovered Cynthia Tedy's work a thousand years ago, only a year or so after she started working in art full time.

Her work made such an immediate impression to me, her lines were so soft and beautiful and her themes made my heart ache.

I remember her work again every few years and go looking for it, because it made such an impact to me that it holds a special place in my heart- and sometimes that softness is exactly what I need once again.

I'm so sad to find now that none of her websites or accounts are active anymore, and her art can only be found through reposters and google image searches.

I hope someday she…


Laísa Charleaux
Laísa Charleaux
Jul 30, 2023

Hi! I loved this brief interview, and I love Cynthia's artwork even more! I've been dying to buy some of her prints, but neither her inprnt shop link or her tumblr link is working. Do you know any other way I could get to her, or at least to her official profile in any social media? Her Evangelion prints are the most beautifu thing ever and I really need to buy them somehow!

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